Clean my Soul

They said she should be stoned to death. “Caught in the act,” they said. Jesus told her that there was no condemnation and she could “Go and sin no more.” They told her she was too unclean to touch the prophet of God. “If he only knew her history,” they snickered. Jesus said the whole world would hear her story. She had done a beautiful thing. Every drop of perfume a blessing.

A guest post from a dear friend to remind you that Jesus will do the same for you.

In the calm and peaceful water
Or in the passing river’s flow
Of my fear, flashback and nightmares
To the deep river bottom I will dare myself to throw

Wash them away
Deep within just keep them
Let only the clear surface remain
While my shame washes away.

River waters…
…clean my soul.

Wave by wave until it’s all released
In this peaceful river
Will I entomb my pain.
Be abundant calm and clear
Until in those waters
A new me my soon reveal.

Maryann Villareal

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