3 Great Books to Help you Adult

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I think my whole generation is freaked by this concept of “adulting.” I wrote #adulting in response to a friend’s gif on Facebook and an older cousin asked if I felt liberated. I wish. What a wonderful generation to live in where adulting was freeing. For this generation adulting is more synonymous with struggle. All of childhood and adolescents felt more scripted –go to school, obey your parents ect. Now, life is wild and unpredictable –get married or not, get this career or that one. Choices are endless and vast. It is not always clear which is the best path. However, there have been a few books that have helped me sort things out a bit.

Emotional First Aid

Guy Winch’s TED talk sold me one this book (yes, go ahead and click on the link so you can watch it too). It was worth it too. It helped me learn how to take care of my emotional health. Just like I’ve learned to take care of my physical health mental health is important. I put band-aids on cuts. I drink charcoal when I am coming down with a cold. However, I didn’t realize that it’s also important to cut the accusing self-monologue when I get rejected. Instead of drawing away from people, it the time to get closer to friends and family who love you. That was just one of the things that I was doing wrong to treat my emotional wounds. Who doesn’t need a little compass to figure out those emotional woes now and then. What a relief to have a little emotional first-aid kit. You can find it on Amazon with the link below:

Daring Greatly

We read a lot about how to find great relationship with the opposite sex, but how often do we read about book about connecting with sisters and mothers and brothers. Well, the key to any great relationship is vulnerability. Now, you can’t just be vulnerable with anybody! And not everything counts as vulnerability… Brene Brown sold me on the important of being vulnerable in her TED talk, so I got her book to figure out how to better do it. I was even more sold. I still have a long way to go, but I am getting there! Not convinced that vulnerability is a good thing? Grab the book on Amazon here and come prove me wrong.

The Defining Decade

Meg Jay’s TED talk piqued my curiosity, but the book blew me away. I wish I read it when I was 18! I would have done everything so very differently. I realized that my 20s are such a pivotal time for intentional development. While you may not get your dream job right out of college, you can at least be headed in the right direction. Put yourself in proximity to what you want and work from there. This book was probably a small of the reasons why I came out to California. Want to win at defining this crucial decade? Click here to get your copy from Amazon.

What books helped you do better at adulting?

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