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Think Less

Think less

Sometimes a state of anxiousness settles in. Like an flood, it overwhelms with the myriad of unpleasant possible scenarios. It cripples us. Making us question and waver when we have to make decisions. Maybe we should just think less.


…love more,

…live more,

…do more.

How to Resign

This spring has seen a record number of people leaving their jobs. Many looking for something better. Millennials are notorious for job hopping as the try their best to find the perfect fit and gather various experiences to strengthen their skill set.  I was all of the above. After not even a month of working at my first job, I resigned.

4 Secrets to Being a Better Nurse

“It works! It works!” cried my patient.

Earlier, I had reset her tablet. It wasn’t working. She was very worried because she was already bored to death lying in her bed.

“This doesn’t have to do with my sickness, but you looked smart,” she explained as she handed me the non-cooperative device.

Her enthusiasm at the success of my fixing her tablet brought a smile to my face. It reminded me how human this job actually is.

The first Baby Steps to Financial Health

I was pretty proud of myself for graduating from my Bachelor of Science in Nursing with zero debt. Of course, always had a feeling that something was a little bit off with my finances. I keep trying to figure things out without much success. My siblings were starting to buy their dream computers, cameras and other gadgets while I was always broke. That was pretty weird because I usually was making the most in my family.

I picked up bits and pieces of financial advice like save 20% and don’t get into debt. I would dutifully keep these little rules, but I wasn’t flourishing financially. Then, I stumbled upon a niffy series of financial lectures by a personal finance blogger, Alistair Huong. It wasn’t the first financial seminar that I have participated in, but his explanations were so simple and straightforward. I finally was able to make some steps in the right direction.

What I wish my church could learn from Paradox Church

Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash

My siblings and I have a fascination with attending churches that are outside of our denomination.  We once went to the Baptist church and they member thought that we were greeters! I was pretty disappointed when I heard that my siblings had visited the a Catholic Church and a Jehovah Witnesses meeting hall when I went traveling for the summer. I missed out! Of course, we love our own church, but we are open to learning from our fellow brethren in Christ.

I was at local youth group and they were talking about their experience visiting several churches in our denomination. Then, told about visiting a church that was technically not in our denomination. It met on a similar unusual day. I think it “independent ministry” was the word that they used. They wore Hawaiian shirts and flip flops. It’s was the Paradox Church. My curiosity was piqued.